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Ricardo B. Tan, MD has been in alternative medicine for the past 25 years. He specializes in many types of treatment including acupuncture, nutrition, prolotherapy, homeopathy, and recently weight loss by HCG. He began studying different forms of holistic medicine when his daughter was not helped by regular convention medicine.

He had studied auricular medicine under the tutelage of Mark Adams, ND in Canada. A part of his studies was under Dr. Namburipad using the Namburipad Allergy Elimination Technique which he uses now extensively with treatment of allergies of any kind.  Recently he also was tutored by Savely Yurkovsky MD in the treatment of chronic conditions using deep acting homeopathy especially in detoxifying mercury. He also was using the phosphatidylcholine intravenous in treating neurological conditions including mercury toxicity.

Dr. Tan has been passionate in treating toxicological conditions because he found out that most people with chronic ailments suffer from some form of toxicity. He is an avid student of different sciences that deal with different modalities that are in the cutting edge.
New Hope Health Care is the brainchild of Dr. Tan. He uses his better judgment based on the fact that the body will do the rest after it is given the chance to move and recover. New Hope embodies the sunrise in the mountains as a new light in the tunnel wanting to be heard and seen. When the world is dark after sunset in the wilderness where every being could be groping for answers and gasping for survival, we hope to be that light that can guide and direct them. This is our desire and mission, and we do believe it can happen.

Dr. Tan combines the principles of Eastern medicine and the exactness of Western Medicine in molding and formulating these bodies of knowledge in making the body recover and not stagnate. He believes that the patient will recover if there is a light that can guide and direct them. He wants you to be his physician who will teach you the way to go, as a physician is literally a teacher first and a healer second.
We appreciate your visit today.

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