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We are a full alternative medicine clinic which offers the following services to our patients.

Acupuncture-We use the modality in pain conditions as well as dysfunctional syndromes. We also deal with auricular therapy which uses the ear as the area of treatment. This could work well on addiction problems as well as painful situations.

Allergy & NAET- we deal with all forms of allergy and follow the principles of Dr. Namburipad way of treating allergies. We have fairly good results in both diagnosing and treating any allergy condition.

Bio-Identical Hormones --are natural hormones given to patients who has a deficiency. This is based on a salivary hormonal evaluation. We could also has natural sourced hormone producing organ based supplements that could be used in certain instances.

Bio-Oxidation Therapy--deals with the use of hydrogen peroxide intravenous treatment to help combat infectious process whether bacterial, viral, or fungal. In some parasites, this will be beneficial as well. High dose Vitamin C intravenous also helps in controlling infections plus the antioxidant effect.

Chelation- is a process of pulling out heavy metals from the body. Another benefit is it helps improve circulation in cardiovascular and peripheral conditions. We use EDTA, drip or push, DMPS, Phosphatidylcholine, Glutathione, intravenous therapies in our chelation modalities.

Nutrition- We use nutraceuticals and follow the principles of nutrition in alleviating and reversing chronic conditions. Nutrition is a strong part of our armamentarium in dealing with any chronic condition.

Prolotherapy-is another form of pain management by injecting ligaments that were injured and causing some chronic type of pain.This is one of the most effective form of pain management.

Homeopathy- is a natural therapy wherein a substance is used in diluted version to reverse a condition. We use both classical and contemporary as well as the so-called FCT or Field Control Therapy as popularized by Dr. Yurokovsky in New York.

Detoxification- in form of body or organ systems that would eliminate toxins in form of prescription drugs, chemicals, free radicals, drug addictions so the body recovers better.

Dermabrasion- is a process of exfoliation of skin in the face or body to get rid of dermatological lesions or blemishes, acne, melasma, etc.

Non-Surgical Face Lift- We use a device called Youth 1 which contains micro-current in producing elastin and collagenase to help the skin rejuvenation. It has LED light therapy in helping stimulate skin regeneration.

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